HP Universal Print Driver

I work for a company with about 1500 employees and we have been using HP Universal Print driver for some years.

When I started to work for this company 5 years ago, I started to ask why so few printers where using the Universal driver and the reply was:
“We had a lot of problems with them and we decided to stop using them.”

After some talking with my colleagues I started to understand that they actually had much problems with printers. We had about 100 driver for about 200 printers and for me that is to much.

I tried to convince them to use the HP Universal Print Driver again, but they thought that changing the drivers was unnecessary because everything was working.

“So what did I do?”
I did the swap without saying anything.

How I did the swap

  1. I checked what version of Universal Print driver they had and made sure it was good.
  2. Swapped one of the printer close to me and try the driver to make sure it worked well.
  3. Went thought most of the printers to check what models we had.

When that was done I noticed 3 things:

  • We had a lot of old printers (8+ years).
  • We use much PCL 5
  • Most printers was differently setup

So to do a smoth swap without my colleagues knowing, I first had to clean up old settings and make sure I had both PCL 5 & 6 of the Universal Print Driver.

After a lot of preperations I was ready to start swapping. I took about 15-20 printers every day and was sitting with my fingers crossed that most printers would work.

Those that did not work with PCL 6, I used PCl 5 instead. 1 week in my colleague started to notice that I was upp to something because we had some helpdesk tickets about printer not working and I had tell him about me swapping.

3 weeks pasted and together with my colleague we had completely swapped to Universal Print Driver.

Now its almost 5 years ago I did this and I was a great start for me in the company.

As my boss always say: “It´s easier to get forgiveness than permission.”

Print Server today

Today we have Microsoft Server 2012 R2 as a Print Server and we use HP Universal Print Driver PCL 6 (6.4.1) on all the printers.

Took me about 2 weeks to swap all printers to the latest version and clean away all PCL 5 Drivers.

I also removed all the old drivers from our Citrix environment and did a clean of Zebra Print Driver.

HP Universal Driver can be found here: HP.com

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